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Subli Glaze Clear Sublimation Coating

Subli Glaze Clear Sublimation Coating


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Subli Glaze™ Clear Sublimation Coating facilitates the image transfer allowing sublimation inks to bond onto the polymer substrate; without Subli Glaze™ Clear Sublimation Coating the image will not transfer.

In order to transfer an image to any product or surface using sublimation ink, that product or surface must be “sublimation receptive”.

This is not a problem when using specialty sublimation substrates but natural and untreated surfaces like wood, metal, ceramic, leather, stone, glass and other items pose a real challenge to the digital decorator.

To accept a sublimation transfer, these products must be treated with a polymer coating that when cured allows the sublimation inks to transfer onto the product. Subli Glaze Clear was created for just this challenge. It is a simple-to-use; clear base coating that allows you to create your own range of unique and normally unprintable sublimation consumables.

Use it to
Provide a polymer layer which sublimation inks can bond to allow effective image transfer.


How to use this :

1. Shake can well for 1 minute
2. Ensure the surface to be coated is clean dry and free from grease
3. For best results apply Subli Glaze in an even motion holding the can approx 250mm (10″) from surface using light passes at room temperature. Using multiple passes for a high gloss finish
4. Allow to air dry for 10 minutes and then cure in oven at 160°C (320°F) for 15-20 minutes


Quantity : 400ml

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60 Seconds
Medium Pressure

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